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Change the city's public transport ticket for easier transfers

admin admin  •  2018-11-30  •    2 comments

Proposal code: CONSUL-2018-11-20

It is essential that there are facilities for intermodality. Changing public transport without paying more, in a long period (90 minutes at least), is basic.

We propose the existence of an intermodal ticket, that is to say, with which, once purchased, one could travel by any public transport. This is important because people use the transport network in a mixed way using different means of transport in a single journey. This, in turn, would result in very significant savings in the city's expenses. And also a very positive impact on pollution in the city as it would greatly increase the use of public transport to the detriment of private transport.

The ticket would be valid for a limited time, we propose 90 minutes.  

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