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Strategic plan for a 100% green city

admin admin  •  2018-11-30  •    4 comments

Proposal code: CONSUL-2018-11-19

We want a city that does not dawn with a cloud of grey pollution, that bets on sustainability, promotes renewables and ensures that no family is cut off the light this winter.

How do we want to do it? Asking the City Council to commit to sign the manifesto "SUSTAINABLE CITY" and to implement it -- We demand compliance with the following 14 points:

  • Develop awareness campaigns, training and promotion of energy culture in all areas of the city.
  • To contract municipal electricity with a 100% renewable guarantee of origin.
  • Establish a transversal work team for the preparation, execution and monitoring of strategic plans.
  • Facilitate the obtaining on a regular basis of the energy and economic data necessary for its management.
  • Design and implement energy efficiency actions in municipal facilities prioritizing changes in habits to eliminate wasteful consumption. The savings achieved by changing habits will be invested, in part or in full, in new energy efficiency measures.
  • Implement energy efficiency programmes in educational centres, such as the 50/50 project -- consisting of returning 50% of the savings to the school and reverting the other half to new savings, efficiency and renewable measures in the same centre.
  • Apply measures to combat energy poverty: processing of the social bond, etc.
  • Design and execute all new constructions or municipal works with criteria of almost zero energy consumption.
  • Implement sustainable mobility actions: promotion of public transport, use of sustainable vehicles, pedestrianisation of streets, etc.
  • Design a plan to gradually replace the entire fleet of vehicles dedicated to public transport and municipal vehicles with electric vehicles.
  • Establish fiscal measures to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies.
  • Revise municipal by-laws to favour self-sufficient energy systems based on renewable energies.
  • Generate a sustainable urban model by stopping speculative processes.
  • Make a sustainable management of Urban Solid Waste.

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2x1! Make your people sign!



I am the person who created this proposal, and I allow myself to write to you because we are halfway there and I think we need a push. As you know, it takes a lot of signatures for the proposal to be discussed and voted on in the Town Hall Plenary. That's why I want to encourage you to get some of the people closest to you to sign for this proposal.

Can you imagine? Each one of the thousands of people that we are already approaching with affection our mother, cousin, our favorite person or the lottery on the corner. We explain to them why it is important, and also why it is wonderful that there is a way for citizens, without intermediaries, to force public representatives to discuss and finally decide on something that really interests us.

If you agree with me, apply this 2x1 to whoever you want the most during these summer days (remember that you can vote from anywhere, blessed Internet, so there are no beach excuses ;). Hopefully soon the signatures will have doubled and the message will be clear for our representatives to understand.

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