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Investment projects with scope: City

This heading has a budget of €60,000,000

Micro-sports facilities in the parks

2019-01-23  •  Joe Sanders  •  City


The policies of recent years (decades?) are taking steps towards a private and for-profit management of citizen sport. However, providing a basic infrastructure for the practice of sport should represent a public service. The positive effects of sport are well known both on health and stress. Facilitating and universalizing its practice can also be an alternative to potentially more harmful forms of leisure. In this sense, this proposal proposes a cheap solution (both in terms of installation and maintenance), which could nevertheless contribute enormously to extending the practice of sport among citizens.


The proposal consists of installing a multitude of small sports infrastructures in Madrid's parks. An example would be the "bar parks", which allow a multitude of sports exercises, such as the one in the attached photo. The price of these parks is very affordable (they are only metal bars) and their maintenance is practically nil. Another example are the rockodromes. People tend to give these facilities a lot of use (sometimes they are overflowing with people), and it is foreseeable that the installation of additional rockodromes in neighborhoods that do not have one also has a good reception.



Creation of day centres for people with Alzheimer's disease

2019-01-23  •  Tiffany Castro  •  City

The population is increasing in age and not all older people have places to go with specific help. Especially municipal day centres for Alzheimer's where professionals could help stimulate them to be less sad and alone at home.



Chargers for electric vehicles.

2019-01-23  •  Johnny Ortiz  •  City

The city must have more charging zones to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles. For a cleaner and greener city.



Financial aid to guarantee basic food supply

2019-01-23  •  Johnny Ortiz  •  City

Social emergency financial aid is not just welfare benefits. They form part of the benefits implemented by the social protection system to overcome situations of social difficulty. In accordance with the provisions of Law 11/2003 on Social Services, these economic benefits, together with the techniques and materials, will be the actions carried out to achieve, re-establish or improve their welfare.

Based on data from the National Statistics Institute's Living Conditions Survey, it is estimated that 1% of the inhabitants of the municipality of "cannot afford a meal of meat, chicken or fish at least every two days", some 32,000 people. If we take into account that less than 14,000 people receive the Minimum Income of Insertion, we see that the population that cannot afford a basic diet is more than double that which receives economic aid from the Autonomous Community. This shows that the Community's aid does not reach all the people who need it either.

In recent years, night-time queues of people waiting to pick up waste from supermarkets have become commonplace in working-class neighbourhoods. New neighbourhood food collection and distribution networks have also emerged, a clear symptom of the inadequacy of public policies and the overflow of traditional NGOs.

We consider that Participatory Budgets can be an opportunity to reach objectives of coverage of needs not reached until now, and to offer a definitive support to people and families that do not reach their autonomy and well-being because the existing aids are not sufficient.

Our proposal consists of fully allocating the 30 million euros of the Participatory Budgets to an economic aid programme to eradicate food poverty in the city. This would mean contributing 0.6% of the City Council Budget to satisfy a basic need of 1% of the population, the most vulnerable.

We invite you to massively support this proposal to eradicate this social stigma and as a way of demonstrating to Public Administrations that what citizens demand in the first place is that basic human rights be guaranteed.  



Green roofs and solar panels

2019-01-23  •  Judy Garrett  •  City

Create a network of green roofs with vegetation to help improve air quality and reduce temperature in the city.

On roofs that are not suitable for the use of vegetation, install solar panels that meet the energy needs of city lighting and public buildings.


Investment 21

Canine Parks in each district

2019-01-23  •  Jason Kennedy  •  City

Areas of a minimum area of 500 square meters, with a wire fence of 2 meters high (minimum) where dogs can be loose, run and play at any time of day. With complements such as litter bins (for excrement and other waste), fountains, benches and shade (trees, "tejadillo", etc). Without prejudice to the schedule that can go loose dogs in the parks (ie, that this is still kept in the park or garden that this canine area) and can also enjoy it considered potentially dangerous. In each district where there is no canine zone or if this exists and needs improvements, make them (broken fence, missing accessories, etc.). With periodical maintenance of the town hall (emptying of litter bins, care of the vegetation, various arrangements, etc).