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Cinematheque for the district

Doris Carroll Doris Carroll  •  2022-12-03  •  West district  • 

Cinematheque for the district
Cinematheque for the district

Investment project code: 11

La Nave is the result of the rehabilitation of a part of the old and abandoned barracks, which was saved from real estate speculation thanks to the struggle of the neighbors of the neighborhood to maintain it for equipping the neighborhood.

It is a cultural macrospace that has two theater rooms, several multipurpose rooms, common areas and warehouses. The previous government left it in absolute disuse and even today, the programming that is carried out is far below the occupation that can accommodate this large space.

Our proposal consists in the creation of a cinema library, an audiovisual room for alternative, independent and non-fiction cinema programming that would be located in a room on the lower floor of the Nave Teatro.

It is a project that does not require a great investment but that would give cultural life to a neighbourhood that, like almost all of them, has lost all its cinemas, as well as offering all the people of Madrid the possibility of enriching our social and cultural life.

Thank you for supporting our proposal.

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